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Product Mission

To help to improve employee productivity & satisfaction by measuring & monitoring the health and wellness of both the workforce and workplace resources.


In the beginning of 2020, we started with the mission of "bringing your doctor closer to you". We developed a chatbot solution to help reduce the time, effort and travel between the patient & their physician. When Covid-19 hit us, we pivoted with  a new mission of "bringing your workforce back to workplace". By Q3, 2020, we had developed a unique digital solution to help organizations measure and monitor the health & wellness of their employees. The solution helped organizations build the trust and confidence between the management & employees to run the operations in the 'New Normal'.

The software product has evolved from being a pandemic management tool to a holistic health & safety platform. We can help you capture, measure, monitor, filter and synthesize data to provide insights into the health and wellness status of employees, teams, departments and the workplace resources too.

Minor illnesses and Low motivation leads to absenteeism. According to the WHO, Global economy loses US$ 1 Trillion every year in productivity due to sickness absenteeism.

Historically, organizations have tend to pretend that an employee’s health issues aren’t a factor in the workplace. But COVID-19 has pushed employees’ physical and mental wellbeing to the forefront for employers.

Additionally, Insurance premium costs have gone up by 15-25% in just last one year, which used to go up by around 10% in a decade. comes to the rescue, as a smart tool for keeping the management and the employees safe and happy!

Need of the hour

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