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Understanding backwards for Working forwards.

Platform features

Health and Wellness Assessments

The platform aims to capture a complete history of health and wellness statuses through regular and comprehensive assessments. This helps in identifying the overall health and wellness index of the organization.

Workplace Resource Management (Desk/Room Booking)

A centralized view, access and control of office workplace, meeting rooms and desks, helping in optimizing capacity utilization. Ensuring workplace safety management through options to mark sanitization/cleaning status.

Digital  Audit/Inspection

An effective solution to digitize paper and excel based processes. Helps in scheduling, executing and reporting of audits and inspections, making the process more detailed, accurate and faster. This elevates safety practices ensuring compliance excellence.

Insurance Information Management

It is a time consuming and challenging task, especially for HR professionals who have to keep track of employees, their changing family statuses, the complex claim process, multiple policies, coverage amounts, etc. Our system simplifies this insurance information management process to improve accuracy and efficiency.

We enable a corporate wellness ecosystem

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. The secret of employee satisfaction is the caring for the employees. AND thus, the system captures, monitors, filters and synthesizes data. With the power to harness Big Data, and to learn on the go, we use AI & deep learning to bring precision to diagnosis and prognostication.

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