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Understanding backwards for Working forwards.

Platform features

Health and Wellness Assessments

The platform aims to capture a complete history of health and wellness statuses through regular and comprehensive assessments. This helps in identifying the health and wellness index of the organization.

Digital Health Wallet

A personalized and confidential record of all health and wellness data organized in the form of "cards" based on the type or category of health information, which is quickly accessible anytime and anywhere.

Digital Health 'Infostructure'

Designed to be reusable, enabling external applications and systems to provide and access information on the platform. This allows organizations to manage and utilize information that supports outcomes and performance.

Intelligent Dashboard

A dynamic and rich dashboard with multiple Indicators of the health status, with Access to detailed reports, statistics and historical assessments or an individual employee, team or the whole organization.

We enable a corporate wellness ecosystem

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. The secret of employee satisfaction is the caring for the employees. AND thus, the system captures, monitors, filters and synthesizes data. With the power to harness Big Data, and to learn on the go, we use AI & deep learning to bring precision to diagnosis and prognostication.

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