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Digital Health Platform

Shaping the future of employee health and wellness

The smartest way to

Monitor health and wellness of your employees, helping you differentiate your employment value proposition, manage healthcare costs & ultimately improve productivity.

Health Risk Assessments (HRA)

Assessment tools to identify physical, mental, social and happiness well being

Workplace Resource Management

View & Book meeting rooms and desks enabling optimal capacity utilization

Audit and Inspection

Scheduling, executing and reporting of inspections and audits of safety practices to ensure compliance

Intelligent Dashboard

Personalized dashboards for display of multiple Indicators with Trends, analytics, alerts, notifications and reports  

What does it do?

Measures and Monitors health and wellness of employees in the most trusted and easy way.

Helps organizations reduce healthcare costs because of preventive measures & advise to employees & management

Streamlines insurance management process to increase accuracy, efficiency and compliance

Automates scheduling, executing and reporting of audits making the process detailed, accurate and faster

Provides centralized control, oversight and information of office workspace and optimizing capacity utilization

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